Very Important Writing Guidelines

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Very Important Writing Guidelines

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:58 pm

Writazarea rules and regulations

Please, adhere to the following rules;
Order guidelines;
• You cannot take more than one order at any given time. For you to be given another order, you must submit the one you already took.
• After taking an order, you must confirm you have taken it by writing an acceptance message to or send a message with the words “accepted” to 0727345433.
• If for any case you want to cancel the order, please notify me, using the above mentioned contact details, as soon as possible. Note: you only have 5 hours upon accepting, to cancel the order.

Your work must be:
• Plagiarism free (must pass premium).
• Error free, no spelling or grammar errors (Must Pass
• Written with understandable language.
• Have a consistent flow.
• Written with American English unless specified to use the UK English.
• Be natural, original and 100% unique.
• In cases of SEO writing, please use the keyword density specified. If the keyword density is not given, use the Google recommended density of 2-3%.
• Your work must be submitted in a .docx document unless specified otherwise.
• Formatted with a 12 point, Times New Roman.
• Aligned to the left.
• Line space, 1.15.
• Have a title. You should come up with a convenient and appropriate title if no title has been given.

Submitting deadline;
Until recently, our deadline was after 20 hours upon taking the order. However, we have revised the time frame to 10 hours. This is to give our editors more time to go through your work and to give you more time in case of revision.
NOTE: You are NOT supposed to outsource this your work to 3rd parties. If we find you doing so, your account will be suspended and your money may vanish. Maybe you are wondering why we are strict on this, read this.
good pay = quality work. When outsorcing work, many people (including you), tend to take a commission. This is what I mean, you take an order valued at 300 kes and you give it to another person with a value of 200 kes. In this case, you pocket a cool 100 kes for doing absolutely nothing!
The reason why we are paying this high, unlike other kenyan companies,is to ensure quality is not compromised. When you outsource the work, you are compromising on quality.


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